Turning Over A New Leaf

I’ve always considered myself many things: I am a writer; I am school-obsessed; I am a loner. However, high school really did change my luck with friends and my environment. But how do I possibly balance such a large change, and truly turn over a new leaf?

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” -W. Shakespeare.

I believe that a lot of who I am and the decisions I’ve come to make have been shaped by my environment, and who I have chosen to include in my life. I realize that I seemed to make better academic decisions all the time when I was a dorky loner in ninth grade, not really having many friends. However, I started tenth grade and it was like a new start. People actually liked me. I could make friends with others. I wasn’t invisible. Suddenly, the academics I used to be addicted to were no longer as important. Maintaining the friends I somehow gained was the most important thing. Here I am, a year later, ready to find the balance between the two: relationships, environments, and academics. I believe I can work on individual situations in order to make this an easier goal. Some of these situations include surrounding myself with supportive individuals, a decent surrounding, and making friends with myself.

Support is defined as this: bearing all or part of the weight; hold up. When do we know if our friends and family really support us, and when should they have to? Surrounding yourself with supportive individuals is an extremely hard task, but doable if you have just the right amount of patience and time. However, you must also find those who are patient as well and ready to commit to truly caring about you. When you live most of your life not really having that support,  it’s hard to balance the new change with what you had to learn yourself: to support you when no one else did. However, it is possible to weave through the individuals who now are a part of your life and balance your relationships with them with school.

“Surround yourself with those who only lift you higher.” -Oprah Winfrey.

A decent surrounding is key to allowing yourself to have a healthy learning space and succeed as much as possible. Signs that a surrounding is toxic is when there is much noise, both mentally and physically. It is important to find both a decent physical surrounding and a mental surrounding that will encourage you to further focus and succeed in your work. A way you can achieve a decent surrounding is to make sure you have a peaceful room or area of your choice. This place may be a library, your room, or a friend’s house. When you feel truly at peace in your mind, that’s when you will know you have found the right place. However, it is important to keep this separate from the place you relax and not confuse comfort for peace. Work in an environment that will motivate you to complete the tasks of the day and be a productive individual.

While both of these things are significantly important, making friends with yourself is the most important goal of them all. Personally, I will go through big changes in order to truly turn over a new leaf. It is important that I truly love and accept myself and the person I become at the end of it: because as great as my supportive friends may be, I’m my biggest fan.

In summary, it is important to establish a healthy mindset and steady surrounding in order to truly begin to focus on everything that comes into place after.


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